Research Interests

I study various topics in Theoretical Astrophysics, with a focus on:

  • High-Energy Astrophysics,
  • Neutrino and Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics,
  • Relativistic Plasma Astrophysics.

As a hobby, I am leading the Israeli side of the Israeli/US

Some exciting recent news on these subjects

  • IceCube detects extra-terrestrial neutrinos (see ViewPoint for a general intro and references).
  • AMS-02 results support a secondary origin for cosmic-ray positrons (PRL).

Some pedagogical reviews of these subjects

  • Science with a wide field UV explorer;
  • IceCube’s Neutrinos: The beginning of extra-Galactic neutrino astrophysics?
  • High energy cosmic ray and neutrino astronomy, Astronomy at the Frontiers of Science (Springer 2011);
  • Cosmic accelerators (lecture notes, 2008 SLAC summer school)
  • Gamma-ray bursts and collisionless shocks, PPCF 48,  B137 (2006); astro-ph/0607353
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Underlying Model, Lecture Notes in Physics 598, 393 (2003);  astro-ph/0303517